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2015年11月9日 星期一


In our daily life, what is the most care part about your style? To me, hair is the most care part in my style. I was long hair before but I cut my hair past a year. When I was long hair, I didn’t care much about my hair because my hair is straight, and I often used flat iron to style my hair. Sometimes, I would use curl iron to curl my hair; however, I am short hair right now. I need to style my hair every single day, and my hair get long so fast, so normal curl iron sometimes is not work on my hair. This makes me feel jittery and get angry! 

But luckily, I received the awesome diamond flat iron in past month from Irresistible Me Company (  It is so great, and I am still using it on my everyday hairstyle. I think it is easy to use than the other normal curl iron, and it always can easy to make my hair volume. 

↓This is what my original hair look like (wake up hairstyle lol)↓ 

OK, Lets get started!

First step is heat the flat iron, and it always heat around 10-15mins is almost hot, so I think it is really save my time when I was late to wake up. Mostly, I heat 350℃ to style my hair because it makes my hair more volume. After that, you can do same like me, down and up, make the hair drawn into it.


                   After, you can see how different my hair curl before and after


Finally, my everyday hairstyle is done, yeah

Irresistible Me -- (This is the link for diamond flat iron)
Also, they have the other great product, such as hair extension treatment, and just find what you want :)

Hope you guys like it, xoxo

2015年9月12日 星期六


Hong Kong is a really great and international place that you don't wanna leave. In here, you can meet a lot of international people, and see a lot of modern design, especially the building. I am so proud of my country, and I can feel so warm here. Family and friends all are here, so when I back here, I feel like Home Kong.

2015年9月4日 星期五

Fall / Autumn

Summer is nearly gone. Sweater weather is coming or already arrived. Do you buy or prepare some new clothes for meet this upcoming fall? I buy little bit new clothes :p  it's truth, trust me lol My fall clothes wardrobe must be have some deep red, brown, little bit some deep orange color. I promise you guys I will update my blog regularly, no lazy anymore lol

Sunset on my head (Throwback)

After hair cut, I feel so fresh and hyper because I have my long hair when I born from now. I think that I start to change my image look is a good way to try different things; also, it is my one of my checklist that I cut my hair. I think that I suitable short hair than long hair, and sometimes I feel annoying about my long hair. Now, its great !!!!!!  (This is not relate my post lol just wanna tell you guys what my feeling)

2014年12月18日 星期四

Throwback Sunshine

I miss my sunshine, and I hate raining and freezing cold. These days the weather is really chill and always raining, and that really affect my mood. Are you guys same like me don't like raining. I can do a lot of things under the sun, and my mood will change better too. Oh sunshine, where are you? I miss you.