build a dream, and the dream will build you'

2014年12月18日 星期四

Throwback Sunshine

I miss my sunshine, and I hate raining and freezing cold. These days the weather is really chill and always raining, and that really affect my mood. Are you guys same like me don't like raining. I can do a lot of things under the sun, and my mood will change better too. Oh sunshine, where are you? I miss you.

Cool Kids Never Sleep

Woohoo, I nearly back my country for take my winter break, but I still have many staff didn't tidy up, ughhh, I almost die for moving apartment. So, I must promise that I never move apartment again. Also, after my final exam, I always go to sleep so late or cannot sleep, I think maybe my mood still hyper? I don't know, but I just know I am still not wanna sleep now lol

Good night guys!


2014年12月14日 星期日


♡ Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way; Oh, what fun it is to ride, In a one horse open sleigh 
 My favorite month -- December is here, and I am looking forward to my lovely Christmas. Which holiday do you like? Christmas is a beautiful and lovely day, I can hang out with my friends, gathering with my family, and etc.